The Weekly Coin is a short weekly newsletter that recommends obscure low cap cryptocurrencies one might have overlooked. This is not financial advice it is merely an opinion and a jumping-off point for you to do your own research. I will note whether or not I am invested in a…
What has been your best trade?Quick question this week! I want to ask everyone you all what your best trade has been. Mine was getting Antshares at $0.70 and selling at aroun…
Why Polkadot Has Risen 152% in the past Month.
What are your favorite undervalued coins for 2020?Been quite a while since The Weekly Coin has posted an update. Turns out 2020 was quite the year. COVID, Trump, social justice, all wrapped up i…
Have you been to the 4th place on CoinMarketCap? Well I have been and it's not pretty.
What are your favorite undervalued coins?What secret coins are you holding that the world should know about?
Rocket Pool Founder and CTO answers important questions about the one of a kind Ethereum Staking service.
What do you think will have a bigger impact? The Bitcoin halving or Ethereum staking?What will make your portfolio shoot up the most?
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