I’m Ken and I’ve been in the crypto-sphere for more than half a decade. I first heard of Bitcoin around 2014 at the age of 23. I then started mining the popular cryptocurrency with my less than powerful laptop I used for programming. I stupidly sold half a dozen Bitcoin around $200 a year later. 2015 onward I remained close to crypto-world investing in and selling this coin and that coin. Remember BitShares, MaidSafeCoin, and Namecoin?

This newsletter serves as a synthesis of my unique learnings from being an investor and engineer in this unique new world of crypto. This newsletter is for the community of people wanting more knowledge of obscure low cap cryptocurrencies.

This is not financial advice it is merely an opinion and a jumping-off point for you to do your own research.  I will note whether or not I am invested in a particular coin I am highlighting.

We Don’t Do This Stuff:

  • We won’t trick you with headlines that say Top coins to buy in 2020, which is a total asshole move.

  • We won’t make price predictions. We are bad at them. Everyone is bad at them.

  • We won’t overwhelm you with an endless stream of cookie-cutter content just so we can embed a video and earn a few pre-roll bucks.

  • We don’t spam or beg for your subscription money. We want you to support us because you want to help us move forward.

We Do This Stuff:

  • We write content because it’s important, not because people will click on the headline.

  • We write without fear of reprisal or loss of access.

  • We use the tools of journalism and not of speculation.

  • Most importantly, we will fail from time to time, and we will learn and grow and do better.