Travala - Travel Meets Crypto

The travel industry is huge. Travala might be able to snag some of those profits.

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My full-time job is as a developer for a travel company, I’ve been to 14 different countries, and during this stupid Coronavirus pandemic, I booked a cheap flight to Japan in late October, which might have been a stupid idea. Needless to say, I’m big on travel. But then again, who isn’t big on travel? Some of the biggest Instagram accounts are chock-full of my millennial contemporaries galavanting around the world. All that to say I might be somewhat biased when two of my loves are combined, traveling and Cryptocurrency.


Travala is an already-operational travel booking platform with 2,000,000+ properties in 230 Countries covering 90,124 Destinations. The platform combines the best of modern booking website functionality with the incredible benefits of next-generation decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures.

What Is Travala?

Put simply Travala is a booking platform where you can book accommodations for your next trip. For instance, I’m going to Japan (fingers crossed) in October. Since I’ll need a place to stay, I can browse and book my luxury 5-star rooftop terrace hotel suite on Travala. What sets Travala apart is I can pay for all of that with crypto or use their token AVA to gain a host of other bonuses such as their pretty sweet reward program.

One such user notes his experience with Travala:

Hi. I am traveling around Asia and I have already made 5 bookings on Travala and all have always worked well. I have tried several payment ways BTC, ETH AVA, and PayPal and had no problem.

Ok, that seems simple enough. The use of their token AVA is the juicy bit.

What is the use of the AVA Token?

The value proposition is powered by the AVA token, the native digital asset of the ecosystem. It enables users to benefit from the largest possible discounts and loyalty rewards when booking their next trip, is given to contributors who help grow the platform through authentic reviews and other content, rewards those who make successful referrals. (Travala Blog)

Booking Giveback 2%

Globally, travel and tourism directly contributed approximately 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP in 2019. That number has been on a steady increase for the past 10 years. Sadly that number will decrease this year due to the Coronavirus but likely once this is all over it will go back up.

Each booking made on Travala regardless of the payment method (Crypto or Fiat) will interact with the AVA asset to bring the users a smooth and rewarding experience.

Each user who joins the platform is automatically created their very own wallet instantly and seamlessly within seconds of logging in to make a booking. Each booking completed will automatically get a REWARD directly into their wallet in the form of AVA. No extra logins, no complicated key management, tangible rewards directly in your profile! Once your booking is completed you get 2% of your final booking price back in the form of the AVA token.

The rewards collected by the user can either be saved towards your next booking or if you are participating in the SMART program they can be used for exclusive discounts and loyalty rewards on accommodation bookings.

The SMART program is eligible for users owning and holding AVA tokens in your Travala wallet. A certain number of AVA held in your wallet will unlock a certain level of discounts and rewards.

SMART discount

By holding the required number of AVA in your Travala wallet at the time of booking you will receive the exclusive SMART discounts additionally to the best available rates on

SMART loyalty program

The SMART loyalty rewards are eligible and will be calculated after you have completed your stay at the property and they will be paid directly to your Travala wallet in the AVA token.

By holding the required number of AVA in your Travala wallet at the time of eligibility you will receive the exclusive Loyalty rewards.

This video describes the SMART program:

Review Rewards

Unfortunately, many of the major booking companies are riddled with fake reviews. It is estimated around 30% of all bookings across various booking sites are fake, the most common would be booking. com and TripAdvisor. If you have some time read this article which goes more in-depth on fake reviews. Travala aims to solve this by only allowing verified hotel goers to leave a review. Those reviewers will be rewarded with AVA.

The booking giveback, SMART program, and review rewards are only a few use cases of the AVA token. Other benefits include invite referrals, repurchasing plan, and a best price guarantee.


The travel industry is a huge space Travala might have a hard time competing with the big dogs, well Travala has partnered with, and more recently Priceline. Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

I personally don’t think it’s low market cap makes much sense given its already established base of users and its high-quality partnerships. I also can’t think of another crypto right now that is in the travel industry. Interesting coin we have got here for sure. Keep an eye on them.

I hope your quarantining is going smoothly,



  • Ticker: AVA

  • CoinMarketCap Rank: 361

  • Market Cap: $6,403,439 USD

  • Circulating supply: 53,974,850 AVA

  • Max supply: 61,242,960 AVA

  • Where to buy DNA: Binance DEX, KuCoin

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