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Microsoft and Lufthansa have a stake in this coin, should you?

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Wassup, Ken here with my latest researched coin. I’ve been hearing about Unibright for some time now so I decided to do my own research on this coin. Let me know what you beautiful people think about it. Remember you can also reply to these emails or leave a comment on the web version. Let’s move on shall we.


Unibright offers a unified framework that aims to bring blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage. Unibright develops enterprise blockchain solutions, builds integration platforms, and offers an ecosystem around tokenized assets. With its “no-coding-needed” approach, smart contracts can be generated, deployed, and updated automatically into different blockchains.

What Is Unibright?

If the TL;DR is a bit of a mouthful I’ll dumb it down basically Unibright helps companies or organizations use blockchain technologies. I’ve dumbed it down so much it makes it seem as though Unibright is nothing special but I think we overlook something special here. Large companies see the benefit in blockchain technology but the barrier of entry can be pretty daunting and offputting especially for larger corporations. Certain companies even have their own blockchain sector for research design and development. Unibright helps make that barrier of entry lower and thus helping out widespread adoption.

Unibright has even gone to the trouble of including a number of business use cases right within the system. These include cases such as invoicing, shipping process monitoring, asset life cycles, multi-party approvals, and many others.

How does Unibright lower the barrier of entry? Well, let’s look at one tool Unibright offers called, the UB Workflow Designer. Imagine you want to make a super cool website with pictures of your cute dog Woofgang. Years ago to create a website you’d have to get some coding chops and learn to code in languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You could do the same today or you could use a website builder like Squarespace. Unibright does something similar to Squarespace and allows companies to build their blockchain solutions with a visual builder. No coding needed!

The UB Workflow Designer is just one of 4 tools Unibright offers to help make updating, interacting, and reading the blockchain easier.

If Unibright helps integrate with blockchain, which blockchain do they integrate with? Good question! Unibright is cross-chain meaning they integrate their solutions with multiple blockchains that best suit the customer’s needs.

What is the use of the UBT Token?

In order to use the Unibright framework, you’ll need the UBT token. The UBT token is an ERC-20 token that is used every time a smart contract is deployed, a contract connects to enterprise software. Only UBT can be queried and transacted within the Unibright ecosystem to guarantee standardization of the framework.

Unibright has adopted an enterprise-friendly payment model to help streamline the transition to UBT token usage. When a company onboards the product, they purchase a set amount of UBT using fiat. As an example, if one company wanted to integrate its system using one of Unibright’s connectors and one connection cost one UBT worth $0.16 cents at the time of purchase, this price will be set for as long as the specified connection/integration is exchanging information.

Everyone, even enterprises are required to purchase UBT on exchanges.


I like Unibright and it seems as though I’m not the only one. Just days after token launch companies the tech giant Microsoft partnered with Unibright which led to a no-code hackathon. The event was even supported by Europe’s biggest airlines Lufthansa. Both companies realize the hurdle it takes to integrate with blockchain and see how beneficial a platform like Unibright is.

As a programmer myself, I have seen businesses like Squarespace carve their niche into the web development world. Has it taken our jobs? No has it helped those less tech-savvy folks build their business? I think the same can be said for a platform like Unibright. There still will be a need for developers, to develop the really custom work but Unibright can really help businesses use the blockchain.

We’ve been talking about widespread adoption for years now. Has crypto been widely accepted? I don’t think so yet. So if we want crypto be become widely adopted we need companies like Unibright. I think Unibright is a coin you should look into.

Be safe out there my friends,



  • Ticker: UBT

  • CoinMarketCap Rank: 107

  • Market Cap: $31,004,628 USD

  • Circulating supply: 148,579,219 UBT

  • Max supply: 150,000,000 UBT

  • Where to buy UBT: Uniswap (DEX), Kyber Network (DEX), Hotbit

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